LIVE Intention Experiment

by Maryann Brown on April 24, 2014

Lynne McTaggart


Lynne McTaggart presents the newest installment of her Intention Experiment. With the help of Quantum University, a team of leading scientists, and thousands of participants like you from all around the world, we will be sending a group intention to heal a human being.

The Intention Experiment is the largest mind-over-matter experiment in history. Lynne invites her audience to take part in well-controlled laboratory experiments with scientists in universities and laboratories, testing the power of intention to affect specific targets.

This live two (2) hour broadcast will take place on April 26, 2014 at 10 AM PST. To participate in this historic event, you need to register ahead of time. This will make sure that on the day of the event, you will be able to log in and participate in the event without delay.

As this is a live scientific experiment, the event will not be replayed. You must be present on the day and time to participate in the experiment.

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by Maryann Brown on November 24, 2013

JUNE 12 – 14, 2014

the two, the hero and his ultimate god, the seeker and the found –are thus understood as the outside and inside of a single self-mirrored mystery, which is identical with the mystery of the manifest world. The great deed of the supreme hero is to come to the knowledge of this unity in multiplicity and then to make it known.
–Joseph Campbell

The Theme of the 2014 Conference is:  Seen and Unseen Realities The Conference includes:

  • A focus on both the theoretical and the manifesting aspects of subtle energy, energy medicine, and consciousness.
  • Cutting edge presenters whose theories and efforts are innovating and on-going;
  • A more affordable and intimate atmosphere that supports the needs and preferences of ISSSEEM participants;
  • Increased opportunities for participants to share and to network with one another through group meals and the afternoon Forum presentations; and
  • A balance of the known and beloved aspects of the Conference along with new and exciting innovations.


For a full description of the Conference and Registration opportunity use the following link:

ISSSEEM Conference 2014



Holos University

ISSSEEM operates under the corporate umbrella of Holos University Graduate Seminary as the university’sInternational Research Division.

MEMBERSHIP: There are no fees associated with being a member of the ISSSEEM community or to use the open access to the website journal and bridges archives.  Charitable donations to support these services are always appreciated.
In order to be certain to receive timely announcements about ISSSEEM activities including the annual conference, publication of Bridges and other reviewed articles, members of the ISSSEEM community are asked to maintain an updated email address with ISSSEEM.


Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) and the International Society for Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM), have entered into a new and exciting synergistic agreement that maximizes the strengths of both organizations. The foundation of this agreement is the compatibility of the missions served by both organizations including the graduate research focus of HU and the unique 25-year ISSSEEM legacy as a premier international subtle energy research organization.

Beginning in July, 2013 ISSSEEM will begin operation within the corporate structure of Holos University as HU’s International Research Division.  A major intention of this agreement is to maintain ISSSEEM’S identity and strong international reputation along with its significant archives, with the following mutually beneficial goals:

  • Expand the visibility and audience of both ISSSEEM and Holos University Graduate Seminary;
  • Preserve the open source access to the Subtle Energy, Energy Medicine(SEEM) Journals and the Bridges Magazine publications;
  • Provide an opportunity for on-going electronic publications of SEEM Journals 
  • Provide an opportunity for on-going electronic publications of Bridges magazine articles
  • Create an opportunity for future meaningful and affordable ISSSEEM conferences, perhaps as soon as June of 2014;
  • Provide on-going research and publishing support for graduate students and professionals, both at HU and elsewhere;
  • Include a representative for ISSSEEM on the Holos University Corporate Board of Directors; and
  • Continue to support networking of ISSSEEM and HU supporters
HU founders Drs. Ann and Bob Nunley have a long history with ISSSEEM.  Both served on the Corporate Board of ISSSEEM for many years, and also served as Program Chairs for the ISSSEEM Conference.  They were Co-Presidents for one year.
As you explore the ISSSEEM archives you will find artwork for the Journal covers contributed by Dr. Ann Nunley and the presidential addresses of both Bob and Ann.  There is an entire SEEM Journal dedicated to extended research abstracts of HU graduates (Vol 16, No 2).  But more importantly, you will be able to search the Journals for aspects of research that reflect your personal research interests. Dr. Scott Anderson has very generously, through the Yoga Foundation, made these Journals
and the exciting Bridges Magazine. available electronically on the ISSSEEM website. This is a real gift to all who share our passion for and interest in subtle energy, energy healing, and spirituality.  We envision that HU graduate students may choose to submit articles for possible publication in Bridges. ISSSEEM has for 25 years represented, through its conferences and publications, the future of subtle energy, energy medicine and spirituality.  HU has represented for more than twelve years this same future through its educational program.  This collaborative development represents an exciting way for moving forward into a bright future.

We invite our Holos community to visit the ISSSEEM website and explore the articles in Bridges Magazine and the incredible archive of refereed scientific journals available. 

For more information visit the  ISSSEEM website: 


Announcement to the ISSSEEM Community

ISSSEEM announces today the launch of a professional-grade website for its archive of the peer-reviewed Journal of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (SEEMJ).

The website features:

  • free public access full-text to every item ever published in this, the premier journal in the field, for the 21 years of its publication (including original art covers).
  • full-text search capabilities via the robust (and very fast) professional search engine built into the site;
  • full-text indexing and access via Google Scholar (a unique research tool that gives access to the full text of countless archives of documents in pdf. NOTE: this material is not indexed by the regular Google search engine crawler because it does not look inside a pdf document).

All members of the ISSSEEM community are encouraged to avail themselves of this new tool for personal and professional research.

Of particular note is Volume 10 of the Archive: a special Millennium issue for 1999; combining all three issues for that year; and featuring the collected scientific works of ISSSEEM Co-founder Elmer Green PhD - this issue is a special treasure for all in the ISSSEEM community.

Many other noteworthy articles have appeared here including Presidential addresses given at ISSSEEM Annual Conferences and research and presentations by leaders in the field including: Robert O. Becker, Daniel J. Benor, Larry Dossey, Konstantin Korotkov, Jeff Levin, Hiroshi Motoyama, Dean Radin, Elizabeth Rauscher, Norm Shealy, Charles Tart, William Tiller, John E. Upledger, B. Alan Wallace, and many more.

The archive can be accessed through the ISSSEEM website under “archives.”

Anyone interested can post a link to this archive on your own website:



Awakening and the Great Invocation – by Celia Coates & Jack Stucki

April 2, 2013

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Science & Nonduality Conference livecast in Boulder, CO

October 22, 2012

** This information is shared with you by ISSSEEM as a friendly service. ISSSEEM is not hosting this event ** Can’t make it to the Science & Nonduality conference in San Rafael, California? The Science & Nonduality workshop will be shown live-stream on the CU Campus Oct. 25-28, in the University Memorial Center 1669 Euclid Avenue [...]

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The Universe Thought You Were A Good Idea

August 31, 2012
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Consensus Reality and Cosmic Peace by C.B. Scott Jones

August 11, 2012

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July 30, 2012

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California Institute for Human Science CONFERENCE

July 13, 2012

Good news re upcoming annual conference –  CIHS will extend a group discount of 15% off the already discounted rates to groups of 5 or more if you write ISSSEEM when you sign up.  

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